The partners

AVSI is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in Italy in 1972. AVSI is engaged in development and humanitarian projects in over 32 countries and has its headquarters in Italy. The organization works on a variety of sectors with a strong focus on education, and developed a consolidated expertise in contexts of emergency and high vulnerability.
AVSI works in Lebanon since 1996 supporting vulnerable communities at a national scale. The organization is committed towards capacity building of local actors, which is why developing partnerships is one of AVSI’s key objectives. AVSI works closely with national, regional and municipal authorities, community-based organizations and other national and international NGOs.
Since the start of the Syrian crisis, AVSI has been supporting refugee communities as well as vulnerable Lebanese communities impacted by the Syrian crisis. AVSI has been working for the provision of education and livelihood opportunities; in the education sector, AVSI implements non-formal education integrated to child protection projects for out-of-school children as well as retention projects for in-school children in line with Ministry of Education and Higher Education’s standard operating procedures.
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