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Contest Rules
  • Entries must be in English, french or Arabic.
  • Contest is open to all children, worldwide.
  • Entries must be the original unpublished work of the child.


    And win a gift from Ana Al Aqra 

I Play and Learn

Ana Aqra Arabic Teacher Toolkit

Since 2012, Ana Aqra supported thousands of teachers and children in non-formal

education and thus learned with them the importance of creating hands-on material in Arabic to improve language learning through play. Trainers and coaches worked

hand in hand with the teachers during the non-formal education programs and

created many games that proved to be engaging and stimulating for learners, in

particular for those who are struggling, apprehensive or shy.

Ana Aqra immediately recognized the challenges resulting from lack of resources in Arabic, and responded accordingly by creating a teacher-student games toolkit.